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But his abuse then sent a text saying: “Thank you so much for last night. I hope you did too and I hope we can do it again soon," the Manchester Evening News reports.

She had grown suspicious when she earlier saw Smith loitering nearby before returning to find him stood on a crate behind Ruby, nine, with his trousers behind his ankles.

“I woke up in the morning with just my boxer shorts on. A spokesman for New Mills Art Theatre said: “We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously.

“When a police investigation found in 2010 that there was no case to answer, we reinstated Keith Robinson in good faith as a volunteer at the theatre, where he worked until 2015.

The pair have waived their anonymity to speak of their fury and encourage other victims not to suffer in silence.

Thomas, now 22 and living with his partner and baby daughter, had been working at the theatre for three years, as a stage hand and at front of house.His previous suspicious behaviour led her to return to the stables after she spotted him lurking in his Land Rover after locking up on March 10. Her partner grabbed Smith and they called the police.