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23-Sep-2017 02:53

I may feel that the relationship am in may not have the future I hope from it.My career automatically becomes dinner table conversation. Which of course questions my ability towards motherhood doesn’t it? Why would you choose to ask me that at another person’s wedding?And a large part of these inquisitions come from women itself.Never have I heard a man being asked to hurry up and have babies before time runs out. I remember feeling starved and dehydrated, because you can’t eat and drink as you please.It’s enough to make you wonder that perhaps people get married so they have someone to talk to when they attend a wedding. I spoke to a few young women, married and single, about what this time of the year means to them when their Facebook newsfeed is flooded with engagement, wedding announcements and pre-wedding shoots, apart from the occasional invites thrown in. All the while you see people milling around the snack guys and the buffet area. ” “With each year my patience runs thin regarding weddings, showing up as the one remaining single friend, while almost all others show up with spouses, fiancés or committed partners. Just talk to women at Indian weddings, and you’ll find out they sure are! And for those who love dressing up and grooving/jiving/hiving, whatever the term is nowadays, the season brings more pain than pleasure. During my wedding, I was so busy smiling as though a hanger was stuck in my mouth, that I don’t remember any part of it. You wouldn’t want to be caught drinking a soft drink, with the camera man in your face, capturing every move which is then projected on the big screen, for unabashed giggles from all the guests.

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As a single unmarried woman I am told that my biological clock is ticking and would soon give up.Maybe the man I am seeing does not want to get married yet.May be the man has pre-requisites to marry me, which makes me wonder if he thinks that I am not good enough to marry him, unless I match his conditions!Talking to boys does not mean I am too free spirited to get married.” It’s not enough that as women we are questioned about our personal lives daily, but in social events things become far worse.

Married or not, our stance on dating, need for children – we are required to explain or justify our choices every single time to society, or dare I say the people who make this society.I don’t put much stock in psychic readings, so when a palm reader told 17-year-old me that 1) I would be single for 5 years before I met Mr.