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Register with and carefully follow messages issued through the Registration of Canadians Abroad service.Terrorist groups also target checkpoints manned by the Houthi rebel group in Sanaa and elsewhere in the country, and target Houthis in general.Undertake overland travel in a convoy of four-wheel-drive vehicles and with an experienced guide only. Do not use the Aden-Taiz-Sanaa highway due to the high risk of kidnapping. Use only officially marked taxis and negotiate fares in advance.Be well prepared and equipped with gasoline, water, food and a cell phone. Pirate attacks occur in coastal waters and, in some cases, farther out at sea. For additional information, consult the Live Piracy Report published by the International Maritime Bureau.Canadians who have departed from Yemen and require emergency assistance upon arrival in another country should contact the Canadian office serving that destination or the Emergency Watch and Response Centre directly.

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On January 20, 2015, Houthi rebels clashed with the Yemeni military and surrounded the presidential palace in Sanaa.

Maintain a high level of vigilance and personal security awareness at all times.