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25-Jun-2017 14:49

You seem to look at the big picture of death and mourning and how others are affected. When she was 4 or 5, she and Benson were making cookies and they mixed all of the ingredients, and then when they were eating them, she asked, “Daddy, where were the cookies before we mixed the eggs, the flour and the butter and eggs? Then going forward two decades, a neighbor of Rebecca’s told us that she ran outside when she heard the gun shot and heard Rebecca say, “Why? ” which would have been more self-centered, but “Why?” – she was still seeking to understand the bigger picture.In the play her grandmother sings a Yiddish song to Rebecca So I sing that and another one. And then you would somehow still been connected to him?

The person leading the memoir class told me, “It’s the last chapter that is really interesting.” She said I should start over and focus on the last chapter. I wanted something from Shakespeare, but nothing felt right. What or who got you through in the beginning and the later years? I was not raised religiously, so I did not have a spiritual framework. The three of us (Rebecca, Benson and Danna) were such a tight triangle.When you perform the play, are you removed from it as an actor, or do you have to prepare yourself emotionally just to get through it?

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