Dating rituals of the japanese

15-Dec-2017 03:18

ato teaches at Hokkaido University’s Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies in Sapporo, more than 400 kilometers to the south.But since 2011, he has directed an archaeological dig here at the site known as Hamanaka II.It’s a carved mound, with two holes each about a meter square in the center, going through to the ground.As mentioned, its purpose and how it was built, and by who are a complete mystery.In the end, the true origin and history of these enigmatic features of old-world Japan may be lost to the passage of time.We can learn much from the study of ancient traditions, customs and languages, but not everything survives the long march of the ages.

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Situated in an ancient quarry in Honshū, Japan, which isn’t terribly far from Asuka, Ishi-no-Hōden is a carved rectangular pillar or cubed monument.

There is a relatively large Kofun (burial mound) nearby, which is thought to be that of Kengoshi-Zuka, and some have suggested that Musada-no-iwafone may be a failed attempt at a Kofun entrance boulder, but this explanation doesn’t sit well with many researchers, mainly because it’s so massive.