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We also considered two levels of sequence divergence: high divergence (model trees A, C, D, and F) and low divergence (model trees B and E).High divergence refers to the case in which the expected number of nucleotide substitutions per site from the root to the tip of the tree is 0.5, and thus the expected number of substitutions between two most distantly related sequences ( is 0.1.In the first set, we assumed that the transition/transversion rate ratio () were 300 for high sequence divergence and 1,000 for low sequence divergence.For each model tree, we generated 100 random sets of sequence data and constructed MP and ME trees for each data set.

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For example, in the case of maximum-parsimony (MP) methods (Eck and Dayhoff 1966 ), the minimum number of evolutionary changes that explains the entire sequence evolution (tree length [TL]) is computed for each topology, and the topology showing the smallest TL value is chosen as the preferred tree (MP tree).The simplest algorithm used was stepwise addition with the closest option (SA).