Handcrank singer sewing machine dating

21-Dec-2017 17:45

This is an antique sewing machine that has just come into our antiques mall.As you can see it comes with the original hand painted enamel metal case.This factory was built in 1863 and enabled most Americans to have a home sewing machine.By the 1870's the Singer Sewing Machines were known world wide with Singer manufacturing plants in several different countries. The Singer Sewing machines serial numbers for this machine are AJ893971.Antique sewing machines are humble machines from our past that revolutionized an industry.

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This is one of the first fire hydrant sewing machines.The case measures about 9.5"X12" and the miniature sewing machine is just smaller fitting snugly into it. If you would like help with your antique sewing machines please Just into our Antiques Mall from a group of well cared for vintage Singer Sewing Machines is this great vintage Singer Featherweight with pedal, case, and attachments.Its in good working order and ready to be used for years to comes. Sewing, Clothes Making, Cobbler One can sure start thinking about lots of additional skills for post SHTF survival.

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The Singer Corporation was started by Isaac Merrit Singer back in 1851.