Jessica and jaejoong dating for real

22-Sep-2017 07:12

cause this is basically invasion of privacy isn’t it? (: but anyway, i guess it’s true that we shouldn’t be arguing about this. i hope -.- i just wish that fans of jessica would just accept the fact that she had been in some kind of relationship with jaejoong and donghae.anyhoo, there are much bigger problems to be praying for, like the feud between dbsk and SME, as well as kangin getting into trouble for beating someone up.

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Jessica looked thrilled to have received the flowers. that’s all ^^ God bless~ 🙂 -Anthony okay why would she date sooooo many people at one time!why would dbsk and suju or snsd date anyone their toooooooo busy!!!!!!!!third, how would you know if a celebrity is really a sweet person cause like some of you say, fans don’t really have a big chance of meeting their idols. How would you know if she wasn’t just trying to save face for her career?

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Oh and by the way, if you think that celebrities have rights like every other person in the world and that the celebrities’ private life shouldn’t be talked about, then why are you even here?

We still have a lot of cute couples in mind but this post is getting way too long.

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