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I have tried everything to get him back but it only seems to make matters worse. She realized that she had done this in every relationship. By trying to maintain intimacy she had prevented it.

How a Man Is Suddenly Transformed If a man does not have the opportunity to pull away, he never gets a chance to feel his strong desire to be close.

Without getting the chance to pull away, Jeff would lose touch with hsi desire and passion to be close.

He could easily assume that he no longer loved Maggie.

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When they pull away, they can stretch only so far before they come springing back. It is a natural cycle.----------------------------------------------When a man loves a woman,periodically he needsto pull away before he can get closer.--------------------------------------Women misinterpret a man's pulling away because generally a woman pulls away for different reasons.

A man pulls away to fulfill his need for independence or autonomy.

When he has fully stretched away, then instantly he will come springing back.

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She told me, "One minute he was so attentive, and then the next he didn't even want to talk to me. By running after his, she was preventing him from ever feeling that he needed her and wanted to be with her.When he pulled away she did not run after him or even think something was wrong. The more she began to understand his changing feelings and needs, he became more confident in his love. The secret of Maggie and Jeff's success was that they understood and accepted that men are like rubber bands.HOW WOMEN MISINTERPRET MENWithout an understanding of how men are like rubber bands, it is very easy for women to misinterpret a man's reactions.Without this understanding of differences, a man may become impatient because he is sudderly available to pick up the intimacy at whatever level of intensity it was when he pulled away and she is not. Even though this closeness if fulfilling to a man, he will inevitably begin to go through an inner shift. Having temporarily fulfilled his hunger for intimacy, he now feels his hunger to be indenpendent, to be on his own. He may feel he has become too dependent or may not know why he feels a need to pull away.

Why Men Pull Away Men begin to feel their need for autonomy and independence after they have fulfilled their need for intimacy. Why Women Panic As Jeff instinctively pulls away without any explanation to Maggie(or to himself), Maggie reacts with fear. She thinks she has done something wrong and has turned him off.

And when it returns it has a lot of power and spring.