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28-Jul-2017 20:43

Kaspersky has a free version, even if you don't have their anti malware product. Reading the comments, it is yet another long trial period, what is the point? Or are they saying that you can continue to use it, but you won't get any updates, which I guess means it become useless anyway?Strange, and not sure what the point of this is, when ever you install a program, you can usually choose how the program updates, either automatically, or you can usually open the "help" menu and check for updates.Untick; (7) Installation triggers Glarysoft web page 'Activate Glarysoft Update Pro now! This page confusingly overlays GOTD's own 'Successfully activated' message and the link to a quite different page for the software license; (8) New page "Software Update Pro 1 Year license giveaway" seeks customer's email address and assurance that he / she is not a robot.By way of proof in my case, examination was required of several dozen largely unfocused Captcha shots to identify eight or nine, er, highways.The 132 programs it lists, is not a count of the programs installed on your computer, it is the number of programs that Software Update Pro can install.Joel, when you open the program click on the blue "Manage Licence" button in the bottom left.This seems like a lazy mans program, plus it isn't free as GAOTD was created for.

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Verdict: other developers partnering with GOTD seem to manage OK without mandatory highways inspections. Performance: (1) Revo Pro on my computer reports 299 installations (though obviously, that does not mean 299 separate programs); (2) Glarysoft Update Pro scans my computer and appears to report 132 installations; (3) Of these 132, at least 90 are not on my computer anyway; (4) Noticeable in the scan results is information about updates to Glarysoft products that I don't have, including (surprise, surprise) Glarysoft Malware Hunter -- described as HOT -- and Glarysoft Tracks Eraser, Glary Disk Cleaner, Glary Utilities, Glary Duplicate Cleaner, Glary Undelete and the equally HOT Glary Utilities Pro; (5) The scan also points out that Glary Software Update Pro needs updating from the version I've only just gone to the bother of installing; (6) In total, Glary Software Pro advises that just 12 of its 132 scan results are suitable for updating.

You can click on any programs you want to install, and then click on the Install button on the bottom right, to download and install all of your selections with just one click.